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Dr. Andrew Goldsmith

Monitor for HT at every visit

AndyGoldsmith - 03/05/2018

Every healthcare professional should be monitoring for Hypertension (HT) at every visit being sure to devote the efforts to being accurate and keeping in mind the environment.  Any patient with elevated BP should be encouraged to monitor for HT at home and with current technology and smartphone apps like “Heart Habit” , this can be simplified.

In an article titled, “Automated office blood pressure measurement in primary care”, Dr. Martin G. Myers states:

“Manual BP measurement is accurate when there is strict adherence to a BP measurement protocol, but readings might still be subject to “white-coat effect” and are often higher than BP measurements taken outside of the office setting.”

Don’t just post, participate

AndyGoldsmith - 04/02/2018

Social media

When it comes to social media, go deep, not wide. Dominate your presence on one to three platforms. Your homerun should be on Facebook, followed by Instagram and YouTube. Social media is like a big backyard barbeque. Imagine introducing yourself to people and making friends. Social media is no different. If it’s going to work, it must be authentic and it will require some effort.

Many marketing companies will try to sell you on how they can get your practice Facebook “likes,” but what you really need to be striving for are friends and followers. Invest in developing relationships with people by commenting on their photos and posts, and building trust and relationships. Also, use photos with as many patients as possible for what Dr. Robert B. Cialdini refers to as “social proof” in his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. The more pictures you can post with happy patients (with their consent, of course), the more people will be persuaded to come to your practice.

Share with people and comment on their lives.   – Don’t just post, participate.